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Product Introduction
Benefits of ELION

엘리온 특징

ELION is a personal heating appliance
heat as far-infrared waves, which enhances blood circulation in the lower body.

93% of the emission rate of far-infrared ray, which provides the comfortable heat from the sun

ELION is a radiant heating appliance, which is dust free, noise free, and makes no oxygen deficiency or dryness, unlike the convection heating counterparts.

No skin damage because the heat is transmitted as a form of far-infrared ray

Safety net clears concerns on burning from hot temperature

Using fire-retardant material eliminates fire risks.

Power is turned off automatically when abnormal current flows.

No harmful electro-magnetic wave

Easy installation and relocation

Various applications are available such as desk wall-mount type, stand type, or kodatsu type

Radiant heating system minimizes heating loss

maximum consumption power 260W

Provides output control and timer functions for energy saving

Elion thermal imaging measurement test

Experiment conditions: room temperature 28°C, after operation body temperature rose approx. 8°C.

0 minutes

5 minutes

10 minutes

Far-infrared heat from ELION resonates with human body cells, penetrates deep into the body, and finally raise the body temperature slowly without damaging the cells. You can enjoy the soft and comfortable warmth longer throughout the day.

Benefits of Far-Infrared Ray

1. Enhances blood circulation

3. Delivers heat deep into the body

5. Increases immunity

2. Imporves metabolism

4. Prevents skin damage

6. Helps relieve poor circulation or cold abdomen