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Product Introduction
What is SUNRADI?


Offering antibacterial and deodorizing effects, SUNRADI is a
far-infrared radiant heating system for high ceilings that suits health-conscious lifestyles.
When the elecricity is applied to the product, the heating plate will heat up and start to generate heat as a form of far-infrared wave (frequency range from 4 to14㎛ with 9㎛ on average), which will eventually warm up human bodies as well as the surrounding atmosphere.
Radiant Heating
The radiant heating is the very same way for the sun to transmit the heat to the life forms, which makes you feel natural and pleasant
Saves energy as heat is directly transmitted to our body and the heat loss is minimized
Minimizes temperature difference between top and bottom of the target space compared to the convection heating
Allows to heat rooms with high ceiling, which is difficult with conventional heating systems
No dryness as the air is not directly heated up
Prevents respiratory diseases as no wind or dust is generated
Feels warm even when the surrounding air is cold unlike the convection heating
Far-Infrared makes you healthy as well as warm.

Heat penetrates into body

Activates body cells

Increases metabolism

Approximately 60% of energy transmitted from the sun to the earth is far-infrared
Heat from the far-infrared wave penetrates into human body since its wavelength matches with the resonance frequency of the body molecules.
Far-infrared wave activates body cells and increases metabolism.

Regular Heating

Far-Infrared Heating

SUNRADI provide comfortable feeling of warmth since they transmit heat as a far-infrared form which can penetrate deep into the bodies because its wavelength matches with the resonance frequency of the body molecules.